G&K celebrates the chance-takers.  The rule-breakers.  The world-shakers.

We applaud the bold.  The unconventional.  The unique.  The different. The stray cats. 

We embrace explorers who chart their own course and create new boundaries. 

We crave exploration, creative expression and innovation.

We don't fit in because we don’t fit the mold.

We're misunderstood because we refuse to follow the crowd.

We're daring because we don’t play it safe. 

Are you ready to roll with us? 


We're not just about making a product.  We're about making a statement. 

We take pride in making unique, one-of-a-kind creations using only the highest quality designs, materials and craftsmanship. No detail is overlooked. 

Our premium tees are made of 100% real kitten fur.  Not really.  That would be sick.  They're actually made of combed ring-spun cotton and other super-soft fabrics.  And they're screen printed by hand in the USA.   


We're not just about making a product.  We're about making a difference.

When you purchase G&K gear, you can feel good knowing that 10% of our net profits are going to charities that are making the world a better place.

Organizations like "Wish Program" that empowers families from homelessness to self-sufficiency, "Second Harvest Food Bank" that provides food to those in need and "One7" that transforms inner city communities and families through sports.

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